Friday, May 29, 2020

County Treasurer

Open Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm excluding Legal Holidays

No vehicle title applications will be started after 4:45pm 

Driver's License

Open Monday thru Friday 8am to 11:30am and 12:30pm to 4:15pm

Please call ahead for driver's license assistance availability

303 Court

Scott City, KS 67871

Phone: 620-872-2640


Responsible for County Revenue Receipts from

  • Ad Valorem Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle & Recreational Vehicle Taxes
  • Tax on Isolated Motor Vehicle Sales
  • Annual Vehicle Registrations
  • Various Fee offices from County Departments

Other Tasks include
Investment of County Idle Funds
Distributes Tax Funds to All Taxing Entities within the County
We offer free notary service & access to copiers and a fax machine. We accept Credit Cards for all types of tax payments.

We can receive monthly payments for property taxes, delinquent or current or vehicle registrations.

Deputy Treasurer

Shelly Wiley


Shelly Wiley, Deputy

Maggie Morrison, Clerk

Chris Trejo, Clerk

Elise Lorg, Clerk and DL Examiner

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