Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Information about Land Patents
Bureau of Land Management (Patent Records for Kansas) www.blm.gov

Official Web Site of the State of Kansas
Information Network of Kansas www.accesskansas.org

Attorney General Opinions
Kansas Attorney General  www.kscourts.org

Kansas County Appraisers Association  www.accesskansas.org/kcaa

Kansas County Clerks Association  www.kscountyclerks.org

Kansas County Treasurers Association   www.kansastreasurers.org

Kansas County Commisssioners Association http://kcca.ks.webjump.com

Application for Birth Certificate and Death Certificate
Kansas Division of Vital Statistics  www.kdhe.state.ks.us/vital

Kansas Land Title Association  www.klta.org

Kansas Governors Office  www.ksgovernor.org

National UCC forms and information on filing UCC's with the Secretary of State
Kansas Secretary of State UCC division  www.kssos.org

Official Web Site of the Kansas Register of Deeds Association
Kansas Register of Deeds Associaiton:  www.ksrods.org

Kansas Sales Validation Questionnaire (Scott County is approved by the state to accept one part SVQ forms)

National Association of County Veterans Service Officers www.nacvso.org and also www.nara.gov

Request forms for DD214 are also now available on the internet at: http://vetrecs.archives.gov

Interacttive website for people that are interested in finding out if there is money or property being held in their names: www.treasurer.state.ks.us

Kansas State Historical Society www.kshs.org

US National Archives & Records Administration: www.nara.gov

The 10,0000 year calendar
Need a date from the past? The future? This site will give you that and more: www.calendarhome.com/tyc/ 

Virtual Calculators
There are calculators for finance, business and science.  There are ones for cooking, hobbies, and health. Some solve problems, some satisfy curiosity, and some just for fun.  All put the answer easily within your reach.  www.ifigure.com/

Zip Code Lookup
Find zip codes by city, state, or the zip code itself.  Easy and accurate.  www.zipinfo.com/search/zipcode.htm

Hotsheet Portal
A personal favorite that is constantly being updated with only the best, most reliable internet sites:  www.hotsheet.com