Friday, May 29, 2020

Register of Deeds > Genealogy Information

Sometimes land records may be the only source for finding out date of death and general genealogy.  Register of Deeds offices hold a gold mine of informaiton for the genealogist.

Deeds:  Deeds can list wife's maiden name, heirs, relationships, location, time frame, marital status. Be sure to check notary location and time on deeds when purchased and sold. It may lead you to other counties or states.

Exec Deed:  Sometimes list children (or other heirs) which leads to a court record.
Guardian Deed:  List guardian which will lead to a court record.

Land Patents:  Location and homestead number which leads to Bureau of Land Management for the application to homestead.  The application can give name change or spelling change, date of death, even torn out pages from the family bibles.

Miscellaneous:  Affidavits of death, family settlements, identity affidavits, pre-nuptial agreements, marriage bonds, etc...

Cemetery Records:  Location of cemetery can help with location of family lands, dates of death and other family members.  (may vary from county to county)

Old Plat Maps:  Can give locations and surrounding areas. 

School Records:  Lists for children and ages.

Teacher Records:  Salary, education, school and grades taught.

Military Records:  Various information  (must fill out a request form for this information)


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