Friday, May 29, 2020

Register of Deeds > Additional Services

The following information is also available in the Register of Deeds office:

  • Birth certificate applications
  • Death certificate applications
  • Old school records
  • Maps of the city and county
  • Genealogy records (old family land records)
  • Cemetery records
  • Veteran records (not open to the public)

Fax Services

$1.00 each page to send out

$.25 each page to receive a fax in

Copy Services

$.50 per black/white copy

$1.00 per color copy

Efile Services

Simplifile           1-800-460-5657

CSC                  1-866-652-0111

Serving the Public to Record and Preserve the Records of Scott County

Of all of the National, State & County Assets, Old Records are the most precious.  They are a gift of one generation to another,and the extent of their care marks the extent of our civilization.

Let us give our records the best of care.