Friday, May 29, 2020
Appraiser > Personal Property

January 1 is the assessment date (KSA 79-301 and KSA 79-1455)

March 15th is  the deadline for taxpayers to report all taxable personal property that they owned or that was in their possession on the assessment date, with late filing penalties will be applied. This report should be signed by owner or authorized agent of the property and submitted to the appraiser's office (KSA 79-306).

April 1 is the deadline for taxpayers to report oil and gas properties, signed by owner or authorized agent to the county appraiser (KSA 79-322A).

May 1 is the deadline for the county appraiser to notify taxpayers of the value and classification of personal property, including oil and gas (KSA 79-1460).

Online Payment of Property Taxes

Through a partnership with and the Kansas County Treasurers Association (KCTA), the Scott County Treasurer's office offers citizens the ability for online payment of property taxes.  Citizens can go to and select SCOTT COUNTY.  Simply follow the instructions on the screen.  Two payment options, credit card or electronic check, are available.  This service allows for 24x7 secure payment access from any Internet connection.